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    Chin reduction procedure helps reduce the appearance of a very prominent chin by diminishing its protuberance. At the same time, it creates harmony between the nose and other features for a more attractive profile.

    Mentoplasty is the medical terminology for the surgical procedure that alters the shape of the chin; it is conducted by removing a portion of the bone in order to decrease the jutting jaw.

    Chin Reduction: The Procedure

    An incision is made in one of the following two locations - underneath the lower lip, inside the mouth or below the chin in a not noticeable location. These incisions provide the surgeon with access to the bone and the surrounding tissue. Specialized electrical instruments - a drill or a bone burr is used to reduce, and to reshape the bone to produce a proper contour and a natural appearance.

    Once the procedure is complete, the surgeon will close the incisions with small stitches and cover the chin with bandages. The procedure lasts for a few hours depending up on the complexity; and is by and large done on an outpatient basis. Complicated cases may take longer and / or may require a short hospital stay. Depending up on the surgical plan, you will be administered local or general anesthesia.

    Recovery after Chin Reduction Surgery

    After the procedure, you may experience discoloration, pain and swelling in the area; this will settle within a period of few weeks. The stitches are removed 7 days after the procedure.

    It is imperative that you follow the surgeon’s post operative instructions, to prevent the risk of complications. Pain and discomfort is effectively managed with oral analgesics. Elevating your head will help reduce the swelling and discomfort. You may resume normal activities can within a week’s time.